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Hello there and welcome to another figure review. For today's review I will be checking out NECA's very cool new xenomorph action figure the Grid Alien from AVP. The first film that saw the famous creature from Alien go toe to toe with the deadly hunter the Predator didn't fully deliver. However, the design work for the film was very cool and NECA has finally given us figures based on the film. So without anymore delay, let's get this review underway! I rhyme sometimes. It' I do things.


The Grid Alien comes in an AVP themed clamshell package.

The back of the package features a nice shot of the alien as well as a short description for the film. The other two figures in the line are also featured here.


The Grid Alien stands at 9" and features over 30 points of articulation.

The Grid Alien from the left.

The figure from the right.

The back of the Grid Alien.


None at all. Unless of course you count fun. And I do! So fun is the accessory.


The sculpt of the alien is exactly what we have come to expect from NECA. The amount of attention paid to the detail is quite clear. The paint job also helps to bring out the fantastic work. There are hints of blue grey over the black paint. The grid pattern is sculpted on the dome and painted on the shoulders.

Here is a better look at the grid pattern. I love the choice of green that was used here.

The torso has great detail around the ribs and abdominal area. The hands are articulated, but are molded in softer plastic so be a bit careful with them. 

The lower body showcases the same sculpt detail. The legs have very fine lines and textures throughout.

The spines on the back are molded out of a softer plastic. The tail seems to be made of a firmer rubber that is bendable and the tail can also rotate.

This is a closer shot of the detail found on the back of the legs and on the tail.

The profile for this alien is absolutely gorgeous. That's one of the great things about H.R. Giger's xenomorph designs is that they look terrifying from any angle.

Just like the other xeno's from NECA the small mouth can extend outward.

Now we get to the fun of articulation. NECA's xeno's all have an incredible amount of articulation which allows for great posing possibilities.

This should give you a good idea as to how large this figure is. At 9" high and a tail length of close to 13" this figure is gonna take up a lot of shelf space. And you know what? He deserves it.

This is what a crazy amount of articulation gets ya. You are gonna have quite of bit of fun coming up with new ways to pose this figure.

Here's another angle of that meditating pose.

I pulled out one of my Play Arts Kai stands to show off some display possibilities with this figure. NECA has just created a new Dynamic Stand which should be able to achieve some of these poses as well. That stand looks to be coming out in May.

 I like the Grid Alien in an upside down pose. Xeno's are just freaky as hell when they descend or hang from a ceiling.


The Grid Alien from NECA is another great addition to their Alien line. This has always been one of my favorite xeno designs and it's nice to finally have it in my collection. I missed out on the McFarlane Toys release many years ago, but this was definitely worth the wait. The Grid Alien is a must have for any Alien fan.

Now, I wouldn't be doing my job as a reviewer if I didn't mention an issue I had with my figure. I purchased two Grid Aliens and one Warrior Alien (review coming soon). Upon opening both Grid Aliens the heads popped off. I'm not entirely sure if the head is meant to be glued on or not. It's also possible that the hole for the peg was just a bit too large on those two figures. But since the neck is a ball joint one I glued the head back on both figures and the articulation is just fine. That really wasn't an issue for me personally, but It might be for you so that's why I mention it. It wasn't something that was obvious while the figures were still in their package. So I just want to make you aware of it so if it does happen to you, you know it's an easy fix.

Well, that does if for me today. I hope that this review has been helpful in your purchasing decision. I have included links to retailers that currently have this figure in-stock in the "Where To Buy" section below. There is also a gallery that follows with addition photos. Thank you for visiting the page and if you would like to get more from The Alley, feel free to follow us on any of the various social sites found on the right side of the page. Have a good one.



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