Sunday, March 9, 2014


One of the things I like to collect is the Predator line from NECA. I picked up two from the series 11 line and today I'm going to share with you the Thermal Vision Dutch. Let's not waste anytime so I can tell you about this unique figure.


 Dutch comes in the standard Predator packaging.

The back of the packaging features a short description on the film and a great image of Dutch. The other two figures in this series are Wasp (review coming soon) and the Armored Lost Predator.


Dutch is the exact same figure as the previous release, but this isn't just a repaint. When I first saw this figure I thought he was painted green, but the figure is actually molded out of a clear green plastic. This version of Dutch looks amazing in front of a light. Dutch has over 20 points of articulation and comes with his M-16, pistol and knife.

Here is Dutch from the left. As you can see, the thermal effect is only on the front of the figure.

Dutch from the right.

The back of Dutch is solid green and features no thermal effects.


 The accessories are also molded from a clear green plastic and they look great. Here is the M-16.

 Dutch has his trusted pistol as well.

And finally, here is the knife.


 The thermal effect on Dutch is fantastic. I really love the look of this figure. It's such a unique concept and a great one at that. The colors look perfect and really pop.

I had some fun messing around with different poses with this Dutch. Even though parts on this figure are one color, you can still make out the great sculpt on this piece.

 Here is a comparison shot of the two Dutch figures together. They are the same figure, but the differences in the paint allow these two to look awesome displayed shoulder to shoulder. This new Dutch really catches your eyes.

 The Predator looks great alongside the thermal Dutch figure. You can recreate many scenes from the film.


 I wasn't initially sold on this version of Dutch, but I'm glad I decided to pick him up. The figure is very impressive and offers more than just a quick repaint for collectors. The bright colors and unique concept make Dutch a centerpiece of your Predator collection even if the figure isn't intended to be. I highly recommend you pick up this great take on Dutch if you haven't already. Check out the "Where To Buy" section below if you want to purchase this figure. Hey, you're beautiful. Thanks for giving me some of your time. See ya soon.



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