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It's time for another review boys and girls (I wonder if any girls do read my blog? Hmmmmm...). Today standing in that ever so bright spotlight is NECA's Water Emergence Predator from Predators Series 9. In this review you will learn what makes this figure such a bad ass and why you should be severely upset with yourself for not owning it. Seriously, if I could, I would buy up every single one of these guys that exists just to punish you. I'm THAT much of an ass. So lets get to it. Oh, I will not be talking about packaging in this review. I have stated before that I don't keep my purchases in their packaging. I tend to throw the boxes out rather quickly. So if you see me mention a package in a review, it's a safe bet that it wont be long before it goes bye bye.

The Water Emergence Predator stands at 7" and has over 25 points of articulation. So, if your one of those collectors that likes to pose your figures in obscene positions you won't be disappointed. Mr. Emergence here is packaged with a shoulder cannon and a trophy wall skull featuring the likeness of Fred Willard. Lets look at this figure from some other angles.

The Predator is slightly translucent throughout the body and features a fantastic electrical paint job. I love the choice of blue used on the figure. The translucent pieces are well made and durable as well.

Here is the Predator from the left. You can see the electrical detail in the dreads.

A back view of the figure shows off more of the great detail.

The blue paint on the figure has a slight metallic shine to it that helps sell the electrical effect. Lets take a look at a screenshot from the film for a comparison.

Everything on this figure is pretty damn accurate. It's great having a figure that was taken from such a memorable moment in the Predator film.

Here is a close up of the skull the Predator comes packaged with. The detail is very impressive for something this small.

The skull isn't meant to be a functional accessory to the figure, at least I don't believe it is. It's intended more for the trophy wall display. However, if you can get the arm in the right position, the skull can be placed in the opened hand. It won't be snug, but it does stay in place rather well and it looks damn cool.

The Predator is a Hamlet fan.

The detail on the skull is fantastic in every angle.

I have purchased quite a few of NECA's Predator figures and this guy is definitely one of my all time favorites. As you can see in the photos, NECA really delivered on this product as they usually do. I have no complaints with this figure on sculpting or paint. The only downside is that my figure has weak hip joints so getting him to stay balanced can be a pain. I'm really hoping that those NECA stands see release soon as they would help greatly in displaying both the 7" and 1/4 scale figures. Setting my personal issue with the figure aside, you really can't go wrong with this Predator. I love this figure so much that I asked NECA via Twitter if they had any plans to bump this bad boy up to 1/4 scale. Here is what they said.

So either there are no plans for a 1/4 scale version of this figure in 2014 or there are no plans at all for this fantastic figure to get the 1/4 scale treatment. This is kind of a bummer given how amazing the Water Emergence Predator is. Maybe with enough costumer and fan influence NECA will reconsider. 

The Water Emergence Predator from Predators Series 9 is just a damn fine figure and one that I am sure will be a standout in any Predator collection. I will include at the bottom links to where you can buy this figure as well as a video from the scene in Predator that inspired this collectible. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my little write up and I hope you stop by again  Next time I will be taking a look at how milk may or may not be responsible for a minor zombie outbreak in Wisconsin. Until next time!



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